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Bruce Gil – Sound Designer, Cinematographer & Composer

“I like to call my self  artist, i use different kind of expression as a channel to comunicate with the universe.”

I started making music in 1999 and in the early 2000 i started play  in the festival and clubs around Europe with alias names such Kundalini project, Expassio and Kontrast Boy.

Always pushing the sonic and merging genres, from pay trance, dubstep, electro to downtempo and chill  i consistently create an blend of unique atmospheres and cutting edge grooves. I work as a producer and composer with numerous record labels including; Universal Music, Loodma Recordings,Fizx Recordings, Esl Music  and more.

I  reached to the top of his career writing the instrumental of “Killer Game” from the 3d album “Midnite” of the  mainstream Italian rapper Salmo, in fact the song sold 30k records (Gfk Datum) in just one week after the release,  and the video reached more than 7 million views. I’m  also well know as a social activist in many international projects for multicultural and cultural integration with workshop and music projects using the music and videos as a vehicle for spread nonviolent communication and creative well being.

I’m  keep working on several project, among the most important in 2015 with the director Razi Mohebi for the soundtrack of his last movie “Cittadini del Nulla” awarded at Venice Festival. I worked also in several music video productions, where he worked as executive producer, location manager, producer, cinematographer and editor.

In 2016 i started a new experience as editor and motion designer for the upcoming international documentary “Jihad Selfie”.

I currently live in Melbourne (Australia)